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Watch out for new Bad Rabbit ransomware!

Please note: there currently is a new form of ransomware circulating under the name Bad Rabbit. The ransomware presents itself as an update to Adobe Flash Player. Your computer is infected while installing the false update.

According to cyber security company Kaspersky, the ransomware attack started on 24 October in Russia and Eastern Europe, but is gradually gaining ground in Turkey, East Germany and may now have reached our country via the East Cantons.

Just like the WannaCrypt attack that took place in May, the ransomware is directed primarily at companies, but individuals with a Windows computer can also be victims.

What can you do?

If you receive a notification asking to update Adobe Flash Player, be careful and do not click immediately. Since it is not immediately clear whether it is a true update, you are recommended to visit the official website of Adobe and install the update from there (click on “Get Updates”).