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22/12/22 - Kidsafety

Child Focus launches new Roblox game aimed at combating sexual predators

To warn children about the dangers of online sexual predators, Child Focus has launched a new video game called “OK Groomer”...

26/07/22 - Devices

Don’t give ransomware a chance!

Nobody wants to find themselves having to deal with a cybercriminal who encrypts your files and only agrees to release them if...

1/07/22 - Kidsafety

EU approves new strategy to protect children online

In May, the European Commission approved a new strategy for an internet better suited to children. The aim is to improve...

19/05/22 - Online transactions

Why you should never give out your bank card or PIN code

Many young people don't think twice about giving out their bank card and PIN code in exchange for money. This is apparent from...

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