Protection de la vie privée

Be Cyber Brave

When in Doubt, Talk It Out

Defining and encouraging Internet Brave behavior

It’s important that kids understand they’re not on their own when they see content online that makes them feel uncomfortable – especially if it looks like they or someone else could get hurt. They should never hesitate to get help from someone they trust. It’s also good for them to know there are different ways to be brave and take action, from talking things out offline to using reporting tools online.


When to get help
Report it online, too


Understand what types of situations call for getting help or talking things out with a trusted adult. 

Consider what options there are for being brave and why bringing adults into the conversation is important.


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Brave; not necessarily fearless, though, because people are especially brave when they’re scared or nervous but take positive action anyway.

Compromised account

An online account that has been taken over by someone else so that you no longer have complete control of it.

Student agency

A step beyond a student using their voice to speak up, student agency is the capacity to act or make change; including protecting or standing up for oneself and others; often seen as a necessary part of citizenship.


Strong belief that something or someone is reliable, truthful, or able.