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Don’t let yourself be held hostage by ransomware

Stopping ransomware and helping victims was the goal that No More Ransom set itself when it was first established 5 years ago. Since then the international platform has come to operate in 37 languages and features 121 tools for deciphering 151 families of ransomware. And during that period, it has also prevented almost a billion euro from ending up in the pockets of criminals. Our tips for not letting your files and devices become encrypted by this tough-to-crack form of malware:

  • Think before you click
    Ransomware is usually distributed in the same way as phishing emails. A hasty click is all it takes to infect your device. Be particularly careful with attachments and never open them if you don’t trust the sender. And if you receive an unexpected attachment from a sender you think you know, it’s always best to check who it is first.
  • Make backups
    Make sure that you have more than one backup and always disconnect your hard drive from your computer between two backups. That way, you’ll also avoid any ransomware from encrypting your backup as well. The experts from Test Aankoop have plenty of practical advice about how to make the best backups.
  • Install updates
    Keep your devices up to date by always installing the necessary security updates.
  • Scan
    Install a good antivirus program and scan your computer regularly for viruses and other malware. Take a look at the Test Aankoop antivirus software buying guide to find the best program.

And what happens if you become the victim of a ransomware and are asked to pay a ransom to release your files?

  • Whatever you do, don’t pay! Consult No More Ransom and see whether it has a key for unlocking and restoring your files, free of charge.
  • Have the ransomware deleted by a computer repairer, or try to do so yourself using a program such as Malwarebytes.
  • Report the attack to the local police. Reporting can help with tracing cybercriminals and preventing future victims.