Protection de la vie privée

The Coronalert app is easy to use and respects your privacy

Coronalert has been available to install on your smartphone since October. The app has been specially developed to help contain the spread of coronavirus. Test Achats has now taken a close look at the app and given it a good score in terms of privacy and ease of use.

Coronalert guarantees that anyone who has been in contact with an infected person can be notified on their smartphone, provided the two people are using the app. 

Everything is done totally anonymously, with Coronalert constantly creating random anonymous codes. These codes are exchanged with other smartphones that are located close by and that use the app. The exchange takes place by Bluetooth. Based on the data collected and sent, it is not possible to identify you personally, either directly or indirectly. 

You can read more information about how the app works, plus a detailed report about how it respects your privacy on the Test Achats website.