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Change Your Password Day: beef up your security!

1st February is Change Your Password Day. This is a great opportunity for you to change the codes that unlock your accounts, as well as to strengthen your online security.

All too often Internet users forget about changing their various passwords on a regular basis. Yet this is one of the golden rules.

You have to keeping changing your password because it is possible, at any time, for your online identifiers to be caught up in a massive hacking scam like those that have affected LinkedIn, Yahoo and Adobe in recent years. In which case it makes better sense to change any password that might be compromised for all of the accounts that you use.

To check whether any of your accounts have been affected by large-scale hacking, visit Remember, it is very hard to predict any such incident – hence the interest in acting preventatively by changing your password(s) regularly.

Follow the link below to see more about our tips for creating really strong passwords.