Protection de la vie privée

Belgians aware of their online security

Almost 8 Belgians out of 10 believe that the risk of becoming the victim of cybercrime is on the rise. But rather than just standing by and waiting for it to happen, they are taking proactive measures to protect themselves. That’s the information that comes out of the Special Eurobarometer 2019, a survey commissioned by the European Commission, examining the attitudes of Europeans regarding cybersecurity.

Only half of Belgians open e-mails from unknown senders, while almost one in two has already installed antivirus software. Meanwhile, 43% only ever use their own computer and also only visit reliable websites that they are familiar with. All of this means that, taken across all areas, Belgians do a whole lot better than the European average.

So, please don’t hesitate to follow their example and let yourself be guided by our tips and advice about phishing, viruses and other threats on the Internet.

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