Protection de la vie privée

Secure your secrets

Tower of Treasure

Mayday! The Tower of Treasure is unlocked, leaving the Internaut’s valuables like contact info and private messages at high risk. Outrun the hacker and build a fortress with strong passwords to secure your secrets  once and for all.

Discussion topics

Have your children play Tower of Treasure and use the questions below to prompt further discussion about the thematics learned in the game. 

  • What are the elements of a super strong password? 
  • When is it important to create strong passwords in real life? What tips have  you learned on how to do so? 
  • Whatʼs a hacker? Describe this characterʼs behaviors and how they affect  the game. 
  • Did playing Tower of Treasure change the way you plan to protect your  information in the future? 
  • Name one thing youʼll do differently after learning these thematics and playing  the game. 
  • Craft three practice passwords that pass the “super strong” test. 
  • What are some examples of sensitive information that should be protected