Protection de la vie privée

Share with Care

Mindful Mountain

The mountainous town center of Interland is a place where everyone mingles and crosses paths. But you must be very intentional about what you share and with whom. Information travels at the speed of light, and there’s an oversharer among the Internauts you know.

Discussion topics

After children have explored Mindful Mountain, these questions will encourage discussion of the game’s themes.

  • Of all the posts you shared in the game, which type do you think you would share most often in real life? Why?
  • Describe a time when you may have accidentally shared something that you shouldn’t have.
  • Why do you think the character in Mindful Mountain is called an oversharer?
  • Describe the oversharer’s character and how their actions affect the game.
  • Did playing Mindful Mountain change the way you’ll think about sharing with others online in the future?
  • Name one thing youʼll do differently after joining in these thematics and playing the game.
  • What is one example of a possible negative consequence from sharing something with the public instead of just your friends?
  • What steps can you take if you accidentally share something personal? What about if someone accidentally shares something too personal with you?