Protection de la vie privée

It's cool to be kind

Kind Kingdom

Vibes of all kinds are contagious, for better or for worse. In the sunniest corner of town, aggressors are running amok, spreading negativity everywhere. Block and report the aggressors to stop their takeover and be kind to other Internauts to restore the peaceful nature of this land.

Discussion topics

Have your children play Kind Kingdom and use the questions below to prompt further discussion about the thematics learned in the game. 

  • What scenario in Kind Kingdom do you relate to most and why? 
  • Describe a time when youʼve taken action to spread kindness to others online. 
  • In what situation would it be appropriate to block someone online? 
  • In what situation would it be appropriate to report someoneʼs behavior? 
  • Why do you think the character in Kind Kingdom is called an aggressor? Describe this characterʼs qualities and how their actions affect the game. 
  • Did playing Kind Kingdom change the way you plan to behave toward others?  If so, how?